This a fun and easy theatrical zombie you can recreate at home for halloween!!

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As I mentioned in the video; A lot of the steps are optional. I like to wax down the brows and not be overly neat with it for two reasons; Firstly it makes the brow bone look larger and more prominent when shading underneath it, and secondly it adds to the broken rotting skin effect as it has crevasses between the hairs.
Another step I like to do when creating a ‘theatrical’ version of a zombie, is to emphasis the bags under the eyes. I wouldn’t necessarily do this for a TV style zombie but for a halloween look I think its a great step!
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Products You Will Need:

*Prep the skin to remove any oils otherwise the latex won’ stick as well*

* Latex
* 1 ply tissue
* Old brush or sponge (not latex or it melts)
* Hairdryer is optional
* Vaseline if you are applying are the hairline
* FX Wax or Childrens stick glue (If you chose to wax down the brows)
* Burn wheel (greasepaints Red & Black)
* Wound Filler / Congealed Blood
* Liquid Blood (You can also use food colouring and syrup or something similar, but bare in mind it may stain)
* Contact Lenses

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