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Learn the basics that you need for your very first driving lesson. When learning how to drive a car, you will need to adjust the seat and the steering wheel for both comfort and control. And you need to understand how the automatic transmission works. And from day one, apply the parking brake so that you’ll be successful in passing your driver’s test. In addition, you’ll learn how to adjust the head restraint and fasten the seatbelt.
0:00 First Driving Lesson
0:29 Adjust Steering Wheel
1:00 Adjust Driver’s Seat
1:25 Smart Seatbelt Comfort
1:46 Adjust Head Restraint
1:56 Air Bag Deployment
2:05 Starting Engine
2:24 How Automatic Transmission Works
3:12 Apply Parking Brake…Every Time
3:45 One Foot…ONLY One Foot
4:40 Is it Where You Left it?
4:50 Smart Points to Remember
5:08 BLOOPER & Funny Bits

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