Looking forward to your first driving lesson can be an exciting prospect for some people, and others are full of nerves and anxiety. However you feel, knowing what to expect and what might happen will help you prepare for the lesson and make things easier on the day – so in this video we will show to get ready for your first driving lesson with a new driving instructor.

Video chapters:
* 0:00 Introduction
* 1:08 Provisional Driving Licence
* 1:55 Manual or Automatic?
* 2:52 Choosing a Driving Instructor
* 4:20 Try not to worry
* 4:59 Be ready for the lesson
* 5:20 What to bring to the lesson
* 5:50 What to wear
* 6:32 Enjoy yourself
* 10:29 After your lesson
* 10:53 Summary

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Computer: Apple Mac Pro
Software: Final Cut Pro X
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