Xcom 2 – Basic Tips for a good start to the game. What to build & research first. Quick tips for the classes, Black Market, Black Site Mission and strategic layer. Read more tips in the description to this video.

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Xcom 2 has two types of currency:
Intel = spend to make contact to new areas that can increase your supply income and further your reach on the map. Earn on missions or generate by passing time at the HQ.

Supplies = Use to hire personnel and build weapons, armor etc. Gain on missions or receive as a supply drop each month.

Black Market = Spend surplus intel to speed research or buy stuff. You can also sell surplus items.

Get a good start:
– Build either 2 flashbangs or a flashbang and a med kit (equip these on your support: Specialist & Sniper)
– Build a Guerilla Tactics School as the first building. Here you can increase your squad size to 5 members (a soldier with sargeant rank required) and when a solider reaches the rank of captain you can increase your squad size to 6. You can also train recruits to a specific class. You can also buy the tactic “Wet Work” that will increase experience gain on kills for your soldiers.
– Research either Modular Weapons into Magnetic Weapons or Alien Biotech into Plated Armor ASAP.
– Always have a Ranger with the Phantom ability as a scout.
– Grenades can remove cover, remove floors that the aliens or turrets stand on to add damage from falling.
– Flashbangs disorient aliens in a large blast radius so that they have a low chance to hit. A Flashbang can also break the Sectoids channeling of psyonic powers such as mind control & Zombie which makes them very useful if you can’t kill the Sectoid in the first turn. Later on the Mimic beacon is even better!
– Combat Protocol on the Specialist is a guaranteed 2 damage to the pesky alien in full cover with a sliver of health left.
– Excavate like crazy you get free supplies for doing it.
– Leave the Black Site Mission alone until you have a strong squad.
– Don’t worry about the Avatar Project too much in the beginning. But pick the “Minor breakthroughs” in the Guerilla Ops Missions if you can so the aliens doesn’t get a free boost to it.
– Don’t ever melee a Muton they’ll fuck you up!
-Sometimes hacking a guard tower can grant a hacking skill increase to your specialist if successful as a secondary benefit. Gotta love that.
– Drink lots of coffee & shoot aliens in face! 😉

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