Greetings, witches and witchers!
I saw most people don’t fully understand the combat mechanics in Witcher 3 like how does dodge work, what attacks can be blocked/parried, how to deal with the group of enemies with sword or fists. I will try to explain everything in this video.
0:13 – How does dodge work
2:32 – How do block and parry work
4:11 – Enemy’s counterattacks
5:41 – Fist fight
6:22 – Artificial difficulty
7:05 – Sign builds
Note: all clips were recorded on Death March difficulty ofc!

Witcher 3, Wild Hunt, combat mechanics, dodge, block, parry, iframes, invulnurability, melee, fist fight, enrage, contrattack, combat build, sign build, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Video Game), level penalty, death march

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