In this video i’m going to show you 10 windows 10 tips and tricks for 2020. My top 10 clever features for windows 10 will show you tips and tricks that will make a difference whether you are a casual or a perfomance user. Windows 10 has loads of clever features that mostly go unoticed, so here I am going to show you 10 tip and tricks for 2020. There are so mnay more to show, so if you would like to see more windows 10 tips and tricks let me know in the comments.

0:00 Start
0:15 Intro
0:40 Aeroshake
1:13 Snip & Sketch
2:26 Slide to Shutdown
3:16 Dictation
3:57 Emojis & Symbols
4:52 God Mode
5:53 Time Difference & Calculator
6:45 Cloud Clipboard
7:46 Dynamic Lock
8:36 Storage Sense
9:27 Bonus

Slide to shut down text:

God Mode:

Powertoys download:

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#Windows10 #Windows10tipsandtricks #tonydawsontech

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