Once you’ve booked your Driving Instructor it’s time to start thinking about your first driving lesson with your instructor and learn to drive.

In this video Francis The Instructor gives an overview of how to prepare for your first driving lesson, what to expect during your first driving lesson and a few first driving lesson tips.

So much to consider from making sure you have your provisional to understanding your 6 point check and the basics so nothing catches you by surprise. Most of this video applies for automatic and manual transmission lessons in UK.

00:00 – Intro
00:14 – Tips for first driving lesson
00:37 – Quiet roads for your first driving lesson
00:55 – Provisional licence
01:21 – Check your eyesight
02:00 – Meeting your driving instructor for the first time
02:35 – Getting you familiar with the basics
02:46 – Learning to drive an automatic car vs a manual car
03:29 – Driving instructor’s ADI Badge
03:45 – What is MSPSL?
04:25 – Your turn to get in the driver’s seat
04:47 – Learning the cockpit drills DSSM
05:23 – Driving Mirror
05:50 – Car controls and instruments
05:59 – The dashboard of a car
06:37 – Ask your driving instructor questions
07:38 – Moving off and stopping
08:00 – Your driving instructor has dual control for safety
08:32 – What is a six point check
09:21 – If driving on busy roads is uncomfortable
09:36 – How long does it take to learn how to drive?
10:55 – Tips for learning to drive
11:54 – Outro

Watch our video on How To Find A Good Driving Instructor here:

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