I’m a teenager learning how to drive in New York City! Revolution Driving School and Yavuz were nice enough to let me vlog and gave me extra time to do so! Watch me parallel park, do a 3 point turn, go around a roundabout, and more!
Thank you

*update: i have a driving channel:

Welcome to my channel, Raina’s Universe! I’m Raina, a high schooler living in NYC!
A few things I love doing are playing violin, making videos, and figure skating. I also love science and baseball!

I really like exploring and learning about the world, so join me on an adventure as I take you around and show you guys the things I’m into!

follow me on social media!
instagram @rainasuniverse
twitter: @rainatheperson

email: [email protected]

I do all the edits on iMovie or Final Cut Pro!

My cameras:
Canon g7x mark ii(camera you see in pretty much every video)
Canon g7x mark 3 coming soon!(will pretty much replace my mark 2)
GoPro hero session and hero 5
Nikon d7200


vlog, car vlog, driving, nyc, new york, teen driver, driving lesson, student driver

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