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In this video I’ll share my favorite Windows 10 tips and tricks to make the most of Microsoft Windows. Some of these are what I consider hidden Windows features and they make a big difference in my daily work. Below is a quick summary:

00:00 Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Windows 10
00:56 Clipboard History: Enjoy next level pasting that’s not limited to the last copied item
03:15 Sandbox: Safely test applications and websites in a separate virtual testing environment
05:35 Virtual Desktop. Keep business and private separate with virtual desktop
07:18 Hide Desktop Icons: Clean up and hide your desktop icons with one click
07:53 Focus Assist: Eliminate distractions and get in the zone
09:30 Quick Assist: Easily give and get assistance by creating a remote connection
10:47 Aero Shake: Quickly minimize opened windows except the one you want to focus on
11:34 Snap Your Windows: Look at multiple windows with split screen
12:26 Night Light: Improve your sleep by reducing blue light
13:32 Snip and Sketch: Capture your screen in various ways and add annotations

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