Here are helpful tips you need to know when it comes to streaming on Twitch. There is no need to ever stream to 0 viewers again if you just take the advice and implement it..

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I have been streaming on Twitch for about 2 years now and when I started out I had no one in my chat and was pretty much just talking to myself for hours. Now over the course of the past 2 years this changed a little and I went from no one watching to a couple hundred each time. I knew from the beginning that it would be quite helpful to look up streaming advice content on YouTube and the videos I I learned from the most were by Alpha Gaming and Ashnichris. Recently I came across this video called “HOW TO LIVE STREAM WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING: Tips for Streams with 0 viewers” in which QuirkyPixel shares 6 tips for new streamers. While the video has some solid advice, there is one common theme across pretty much all those advice videos that I noticed. While some of the tips and tricks shared are just wrong wrong or so generalized that you can not act on them, most things you hear will not actually make your stream more interesting or helping you grow. The type of advice that will actually help you achieve things is usually the no-nonsense straight talk that for whatever reason is rare to find. We all prefer hearing nice things over the harsh reality but we need to overcome our ego in order to grow. And that is why I created this channel, I learned a ton of things in the past 2 years and would like to show you guys what actually works and what does not help you at all. I saw that this style is missing when it comes to streaming tips so I got your back on that. Don’t forget that anything you learn is useless unless you make something out of it

Almost every new and small streamer makes the same mistakes that can easily be avoided, so let me tell you what you need to know when you are new to all of this and debunk some of the tips that are constantly repeated. First of, the whole streaming experience is going to be different just based on all of us being different people, no 2 streamers will have the same time on the platform. That being said, you do not have to make the same mistakes most people make

What you have to accept whether you like it or not is that in order to grow your stream you have to make content outside of twitch. There might be the very rare case in which you blow up by only streaming but that’s the exception not the rule. To have viewers on twitch you absolutely need to provide good content on YouTube, Reddit and other sites, actually only 1 not necessarily on every platform but it would make the chance of your content getting discovered a lot higher. Now here is my experience doing exactly that. I started streaming on September first 2018 and there was close to no growth in the first month, in those 87 hours streamed which is more than I streamed in the past 30 days, I made a total of 2 cents and no content which in other words was a waste of time. I did grow confident in streaming to no one though and learned how to keep talking when nobody else is

Here is what I did, I wrote guides on a site called Hearthpwn for the game I stream which is Hearthstone. Pretty much every game out there will have a dedicated community and websites for it. Even if its just Reddit, there is an existing audience you can provide content for. One of the guides I created within 3 minutes got over 200k views and because I linked my stream in there I managed to get to 50 average viewers which was huge for me being a new streamer back then. Besides that I searched for compilation channels on YouTube, why, because they need to make their compilations and therefore have to use clips that are made by others. In my case something cool happened in game and I send it to Trolden, the biggest Hearthstone compilation channel on YouTube. The clip was the first one shown in a video and 400k people got exposed to my stuff. Pretty much all those channels will tell you how to send stuff to them in the description, you just have to open it. Still to this day I write down whenever something clip worthy happens and send it to these channels as it takes only a couple minutes a week and has a great payoff…

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