Top 10 Tips for starting out with Guns of Glory
Host Creed looks at some of her best Top Tips for Guns Of Glory for when you’re just starting out.
Disappointing Turtle discusses the social elements of Guns of Glory. Trolls, socialites, networking and falling in love while giving you informed information and pro tips about the game. Mobile Gaming has never been so exciting with these hidden platforms and social networks. Reach out and connect, don’t game alone.
Disappointing Turtle aims to put the comedy back into gaming tutorials while giving you the must know Tips and exciting Top 10’s.

A bit about me: I’ve been gaming for 26 years, I’ve played most things but have my favourite franchises just like every other gamer and tend to stick to those on the regular, living for the new releases. I’ve been playing guns of glory for a year or so and I am R5 of an amazing alliance in a very active kingdom and i love it. Guns of glory is probably one of the more rewarding mobile games out there. Its a long haul game but despite the longevity, you always feel like you are making progress. The social elements are somewhat fascinating owing to a world inside a world inevitably creating social structures, laws and/or complete anarchy.

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