Tile can look amazing…or like crap. What you’ll learn from this video will save you time and make your tiling project look better.

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Let’s dive in and discuss the tips.

Tip 1: choose large format shower tile

This cuts down on cleaning and makes the tile to grout ration high…meaning fewer grout joints

Tip 2: choose large format floor tile

Same reasons why you want large tile in the shower and one extra tip…get the floor tile that has grip to it to prevent slips and falls

NOTE: I totally get that you might want smaller tiles, and that’s cool, but if you want less cleaning then large tiles are the way to go.

Tip 3: Tile up to the ceiling

Why leave a 12″ piece of drywall between your tile and ceiling? If you’re tall there’s a big chance water will splash on this drywall and ruin it over time…just tile to the ceiling 🙂

We have a total of 10 super amazing tips in the video.

So watch it for all the juicy details

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Tools that make installing tile much easier:
Laser Level (Bosch GLL 3-15) —
Laser Jamb (Bosch model) —
SeamClips (for leveling tile)
For 1/4″-3/8″ thick tile(blue) —
For 3/8″- 1/2″ thick tile (red) —
Horseshoe shims (for even grout joints)
For 1/16″ grout joints —
For 1/8″ grout joints —
Carpet knife (for cleaning thin-set from grout joints) —

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