The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Tips & Tricks: A Guide Walkthrough of Combat, how to Make Money, Leveling (Witcher 3 Gameplay), weapon enhancements & upgrades, side quests, difficulty, and more!

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0:44 Meditating in The Witcher 3! Make sure you have an Alcholist Potion at all times
1:14 How to prepare for The Witcher 3’s brutal combat and monsters
1:28 Enhancing weapons and armor, oiling up your weapons (sexy) and make sure you eat some food!
2:36 Use your bestiary you fool! 😛 But seriously…use it
2:57 Places of POWAH. Here is a list from IGN:
3:25 Loot thyself some gear good sir and upgrade your saddlebag
3:57 Level up your character: SPECIALIZE, SPECIALIZE, SPECIALIZE!
4:37 Repair kits! ALWAYS take one with you!
5:03 Just you mess up your characters? Well…it happens. Find the potion of clearance and respec your character.
5:40 Time for combat! Combat tips in The Witcher 3
7:10 Bombs are important too 🙂 And SAVE OFTEN!
8:00 Adrenaline meter can be useful once you upgrade certain abilities
8:35 Making money: Trading in your unused currency
9:30 Pay attention to level recommendations when side questing
10:11 Now this is cool! Abandoned towns can be revived!
10:39 Infinite sprinting – muhahaha. Frolic to your heart’s content!
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