THT#2: Maca powder.
An incredibly high growing Peruvian root, Maca is a healthy superfood widely available in powdered form. Here are my top 5 health benefits of Maca root powder:
1. Great for your health since it’s full of vitamin B, C and E along with being a source of calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium!
2. Boosts your energy. Athletes use maca powder to help them reach their peak stamina performance. Ancient warriors used to take maca powder before battle because they believed it to increase their energy levels and make them stronger! Or so they say;)
3. Maca powder is classed as an adaptogen, meaning that it helps your body cope with both mental and physical stress. Combining the 20+ amino acids with the countless micronutrients, it gives the immune system a good boost.
4. Being a traditional fertility enhancer, people have always been curious if the root did actually have any effect on fertility. in studies performed on animals, maca has been found to boost fertility.
5. Known for it’s balancing properties, Maca powder is a hormone balancer for both gents and ladies! It doesn’t actually contain any hormones, but it has properties which have been shown to balance the hormone levels in your body. This can be great for teenagers who get a lot of headache/migraines, since most of them are down to hormone fluctuations! It’s also been shown to improve the memory and alertness, while decreasing stress.

I would recommend having 1-2 teaspoons of Maca powder to start with, you can always up it to 1 tablespoon a day if you wish.

Is Maca root powder good for you? YES it is!

You can find more information on where to buy and how to use/recipes on Maca Powder and others at .

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