This video talks about one of the most discussed and debated topic of all time i.e. “Is Diet coke a healthy option or not?”
So, In this video, I have discussed few of the most common misconceptions which people have in their mind whenever they consume a diet coke or see others having it.
To make sure that the points stated by me are absolutely AUTHENTIC, I have made sure that I attach all the SCIENTIFIC PROVEN RESEARCHED DATA in the video and Description box which support my points as well.
You can go through the links which I have attached here and give these articles a read yourself.

**Links of the articles-
– How artificial sweeteners work

– Aspartame lacks potentiality of being a carcinogen

– Potentiality of Artificial sweeteners altering gut bacteris

– Caffeine addiction: Need for awareness and research and regulatory measures

-Caffeine Intoxication and Addiction

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8. Boost Immunity in Corona | Corona se kaise ladein

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