There are few tips and tricks in Terraria, just like any other games. Have you ever heard about “for the worthy”? good seed, but have you ever heard about the special seed “terraria”??? (case senstive)

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I re-configured the audio system mid-recording, and the audio after doing that did not recorded. Which means, most of the sound effects are gone: I do edit the music, but the sound effect is something that I cannot add. which means, this video is bit more bland than other: sorry for low quality and my stupidity

…anyway, Terraria 1.4 added bunch of new features, bit more in 1.4.1, and here are some of it: and there’s something that you may not have noticed, or you did, but something strange… also, cheats? Well, if you call that cheat or not, but it exists.

Hopefully something good tomorrow

used music:
-Terraria otherworld: Every adventure has a beginning
-Terraria calamity: Return to Slime
-Terraria calamity: Stained, brutal calamity
-Terraria alt title
-Terraria morning rain

terraria 1.4.1, journey’s end, terraria, adamchromee, help

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