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In today’s video, you will get snooker coaching tips on how to how to improve timing (cue delivery, cue action) and have top quality stroke like the best snooker players in the world.
You will learn:
1. Proper timing principles (screw back shots, topspin shots)
2. Mistakes to avoid in all costs;
3. Speed control;

How to have a proper timing themes chronology:
00:00-00:27 (Preview );
00:28-01:27 (Timing acceleration);
01:28-02:42 2 shot examples ( 1 shot positive outcome – nice and smooth cue action, 2 shot negative outcome – powerful rigid cue action);
02:42-03:54 Video Course “Snooker Basics” presentation;
03:55-04:32 (Deep screw back shot positive shot example)
04:44-05:35 2 shot examples (Topspin positive 1 shot example. Light grip/medium tension, follow-through) (2 shot negative example – tight/rigid grip, bad cue ball reaction)
05:36- 05:46 (Quick video review)
05:47-06:14 (The End)

Watch the full video so you get the most out of it!

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