Do you know how harmful it is for our body!! Let’s see what exactly happens in our body within 60 minutes of having Coke.One can of Coke contains around 8 to 10 teaspoons of Sugar, which is much more than 6 teaspoon of limit prescribed by WHO for 1 full day consumption. And drinking so much of sugar on the go, should be like a shock to our body and it should not digest. But, it contains Phosphoric acid as well, which allows the drink to go through. Due to high sugar intake, blood sugar level increases within 20 minutes of Drinking. Liver then turns high amount of Sugar into carbohydrate. Within 40 minutes, all the Caffeine present in the Coke will be absorbed and the blood pressure increases. Then Dopamine is released. It is a hormone which gives us feeling of pleasure. Because of this, the interest in Coke increases and it becomes a kind of addiction. After 60 minutes, the Phosphoric acid which came with coke will bind the essential minerals like Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium already present in the intestine. You will get an urge to urinate and water which was present in Coke, along with these essential minerals will be out of your body. These minerals, otherwise would have been absorbed by the body as per its need. One solution would be to switch to drinks having no sugar like Diet Coke. Which is way better than Coke itself. Diet drinks generally contain Aspartame which is safe to use in limits. Actually it is much better than sugar but excess of anything is not good.Diet Coke also contains caffeine which is harmful above recommended amount. Also, the Calcium present in the body Is reduced by the Effect of Diet Coke as well, which is not something you would ever want to happen, considering the fact that it plays an important role in our bones, muscles and heart.

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