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Beard come in all lengths, styles and sizes. Here at Live Bearded we believe you shoudl rock whatever beard style you feel best with. For Mink, he prefers a short beard style to really feel his best, and it took him a little while to perfect his at home beard trim routine.

1. Style your beard first.

Before you trim a beard, you want to style your beard with whatever beard products you use daily. This also means if you blow dry or straighten your beard you want to go through that process as well.

What this does, is ensures your hairs will lay down the way they do daily so you only trim away what you need to.

2. Fade your cheeks and sideburns

When it comes to a short beard style, you have the luxury of using an electric beard trimmer and guards to give your beard a nice, clean, uniform shape.

Mink uses his 12 guard to trim his cheeks and sideburns down. You should find whatever guard you feel gives your beard the length you prefer to work with the style you’re after, and compliment your hair length.

Before you trim, grab your guards and run them up your beard to see how much will come off at that guard length. Start longer if you aren’t sure, and work your way shorter if need be.

3. Trim your mustache

When it comes to mustaches, there are all sorts of lengths and styles as well. If you want a more uniform length like Mink, go ahead and trim your mustache down with the same guard. Again, do a practice run with your guards off the trimmer if you are unsure.

4. Freehand to shape your beard

After you fade the cheeks and sideburns, grab your trimmer without a guard to freehand and shape the rest of your beard. You want to allow the chin to grow longer to give your short beard a really nice shape, so freehanding is the best way to accomplish this.

The idea is to treat your beard like a hedge and trim away any hairs sticking out noticeably longer. Slowly bring this down to the length you feel best with.

5. Trim your underbeard

This area makes the biggest difference in your short beard style. You want to trim away hairs on your under beard to really create a straight line. This will give you awesome shape and really give your short beard a good look.

If you are just getting started, make sure to take your time and hit us up if you have any questions!!

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