All episodes of the “Dorian’s Secret Technologies” project, as well as a special bonus with Vladimir the Terrible tank. In this cartoon about tanks, you will see how Vladimir the Terrible conducted a special operation, as a result of which his army receives secret technologies belonging to the Monster Dorian. Engineering tanks of Vladimir carefully study these technologies and create an energy field that reliably protects their planet from the penetration of enemy units. Now the quantum generators used by the warriors of King Dorian cannot ensure the penetration of these tanks to Earth. Additionally, in these episodes, you will see King Dorian send his officer into an energy trap. Well, and much more, no less interesting, it seems to me, and I hope that you will also agree with this after watching this video. If you are interested in tank and animation themes, I hope these cartoons about tanks will interest you, friends. Thank you for watching! #valhalla_toons #tanks #cartoons_about_tanks #world_of_tanks_animation #tanks_animation #world_of_tanks_cartoon
#tanktoon #dorian

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