Welcome to the official launch video for the Mastermind PBC/6X Pedalboard Controller. Whether you’re tired of doing the pedalboard tap dance, or are interested in an amazing pedalboard ‘hub’ with ‘offline editing’ via a crazy deep editor, this video is for you. Keep in mind that operating this amazing piece of technology is as easy as you want it to be AND as deep as you need it to be. MAP: U$D699…

In this 40+ minute video I’ll demonstrate the following features (and lots more) via an extensive array of gear:
• Creating Presets, Songs, and Setlists
• Loop Re-Ordering
• Mono and Stereo Functionality
• 4CM (4 cable method)
• MIDI Implementation
• Mastermind Editor Software
• Creating Custom Button Pages
• Using the Function Jack and the Tap Tempo Macro


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