Learn how to do Reverse Bay Parking using the 45 Degree Method.

In this short video we will show you how to do bay parking as simply as possible and also how to correct the parking if it goes wrong and not between the lines. This is one of the 4 practical driving test manoeuvres.

The aim of this Manoeuvre is to reverse between the lines safely using very slow car control and effective all-round observations. If you don’t get it in the lines don’t worry you are aloud to move it backwards and forwards to re adjust it into the bay. It’s a good idea if another car or a pedestrian comes towards you from anywhere to stop and work out If its safe to carry on. Don’t forget once you have worked out what they are doing to recheck everywhere else again before continuing.

This Bay Park Manoeuvre is normally done at the beginning or the end of the driving test at the test centre. If you don’t end up inside the lines of the bay it could be fail, so don’t forget to re adjust it if you realise.

If you have any questions about Bay Parking, please comment below and we will reply ASAP. We Are driving instructors that teach people to Bay Park every day, so we have great experience to answer your questions with, and are happy to help.

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