In this video you’ll learn how red maca can benefit hormonal acne, bone health, and prostate health.

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Red maca powder is obtained from pink or purple maca roots.

Although, they are closely related to other maca varieties (yellow and black), their nutrient profile is slightly different, thus offering certain unique health benefits to the user.

The phytonutrient levels present in red maca is comparatively higher than yellow maca, thus showing considerable antioxidant and antitumoral activities in the body.

Benefits of Red Maca:
Here are some health benefits associated with taking red maca root powder.

Among the different types of maca, the red variety has shown to be greatly helpful for people suffering with hormonal acne.

Maca is considered to be very helpful for balancing hormones due to its high amino acid content, which are an essential building block of hormones.

Since maca is a food, the body processes it easily with no side effects, and helps with clearing acne.

However, using maca for acne takes longer to work than conventional methods because it helps to solve the root of the problem in a holistic way.

Bone Density:
Post-menopausal women are often at risk of developing osteoporosis due to decreased estrogen levels in the body.

Osteoporosis is a disease when the body loses its bone-mineral density.

Since maca has a reputation to correct hormonal imbalances, researchers conducted a study to find out the ability of maca in helping estrogen deficiency induced osteoporosis.

In one clinical study, yellow, red or black maca was given to estrogen deficient rats.

After a period of 4 weeks, the rats were analyzed for bone structure.

Based on the study, it was concluded that both red and black maca helped rats from bone loss without increasing their uterine size, with red maca giving the best protection.

Prostate Protection:
During recent years, scientists have researched maca and its potential benefit in promoting prostate health.

In these studies, maca has shown to help the body against prostate cancer due to its high glucosinolate content, a compound known to contain anti-cancer properties.

In one study, among the 3 types of maca, red maca was found to have an effect on prostate enlargement in men, while yellow variety has mild impact and black had none.

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