This is a tutorial on how to make smooth coasters in Planet Coaster with a realistic heartline and continuous roll, as well as satisfying control over your trackshaping at last – unfortunately it’s not a very fun technique. I’ve had to timelapse a Planet Coaster College video, and that’s saying a lot (note to self: these videos should really be a lot smaller). The technique is strange: build your entire coaster out of 4m long sections with a medium banking offset, then smooth it out by selecting 4 pieces of track, smoothing, moving up 1 piece, smoothing, doing that for the length of the track back and forth, and repeat the whole process 4 times. It’s tedious, time-consuming and definitely not what Frontier wants you to do; but it results in super satisfying shaping so here it is for the needy enthusiasts anyway.

This is the Grapefruit technique, albeit it thankfully not the one you’re thinking of.

I’ve linked this before and it will never seem less random – both Dustin being a NoLimits person and randomly doing this great Planet Coaster thing and the fact that I’m linking to it for a lot of people who know me but don’t have a clue where this Dustin is coming from – but here you go, watch his video because it spawned everything:


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P.S. I have confession to make – this method is most time consuming for me because it causes me to spend more time just looking at the smooth results than I spend on achieving the results in the first place.

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