Outward can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience when first starting out. With this guide I’m hoping to give a bit of guidance to new players who feel lost. This guide also aims to give players a basic introduction to some of the gameplay systems in Outward and to provide a few useful tips.

00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Step 1: Loot the Beach
04:01 – Step 2: Loot Cierzo
07:18 – Step 3: Brew Potions, Cook Food
14:54 – Step 4: Leather and Fang
20:03 – Step 5: What to bring on an adventure?

Written Guide –

Part 2 –


Unlimited Silver in Cierzo –

Legacy Chest Shenanigans –

Movement Speed is King –
The Highlander Part 1 –
The Highlander Part 2 –

P.S. – The pacing of this video is a bit slower in some parts than some of my other videos. I wanted to try and show a decent amount of gameplay as well as some extra bits and pieces that while not always explained with narration still introduce or elaborate on some aspect of gameplay. Hopefully this works in the context of a beginner’s guide.


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