Although their friendship is relatively new, Janet & Em understanding of one another reflects how deep of a connection they already share. As survivors of sexual assault, they’re both able to reflect on their pasts and hearten their healing processes.

We’d like to thank Janet & Em for participating openly & vulnerably in our project. We appreciate what they’ve shared with us and hope you do as well.

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Executive Director | Topaz Adizes
Director | Nick D’Agostino
Producer | Mériem Dehbi-Talbot & Alyssa Piperis
Cameras | Nick D’Agostino, Stephanie Bustos & Briana DeMarco
Editor | Ashika Kuruvilla
With the Participation of | Janet & Em

Our Right To Feel Intimate Pleasure Was Stripped From Us | {THE AND Janet & Em
#theskindeep #intimacy #healing

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