Noob vs pro strategy Don’t Starve Together, in this video I cover strategies noobs often use and pros often use to show the differences in playstyle, instead of just the difference in execution. This includes things like ruins rushing, and using football helmets and hambats, instead of spears, garlands, winter gear, and improved farms. This video covers some traps the game lays out for noobs, and how pros avoid them.

Video script:

Noobs are very focused on immediate survival.

First, they will find a spot they want to build a base, this may be at spawn, or next to a herd of beefalo for protection, or near the pig king. They then will set up their base as soon as they have the resources.

Meanwhile, a pro has a different start, they will begin by either rushing the ruins, or exploring the outline of the world depending on what character they are playing. If they’re playing Wolfgang, WX78, Wortox, even Wendy sometimes, it’s a good idea to rush the ruins. If they’re playing Wickerbottom or another utility character, they may want to outline the world instead. During this, a pro will gather a weapon and armor no matter which strategy they use, to make certain they can protect themselves. This is usually a hambat and football helmet, due to how easy they are to obtain and how strong they are. The ham bat deals 59.5 damage, and has infinite durability – although it will spoil, and as it spoils it will do less damage. The ham bat only takes a measly one pig skin, 2 big meat, and two sticks to craft. The football helmet protects from 80% of physical damage, and only takes a rope and a pig skin to craft.

Next, the noob will start on building farms or some other structure to help with food production, before even building a weapon and armor. Maybe they go out and search for gears for an ice box with no decent weapon or armor and end up dying here, or they may even die to the first hound attack here. Both of those are fairly unlikely though, even for a new player, but what is common is sanity getting low by this point, unless they restore it. They may start picking flowers nearby the base, and build a garland at this point. This is something a player should never do, as flowers are an easy source of health and hunger through the butterflies they spawn – a pro may even avoid staying sane altogether as being insane helps gather valuable nightmare fuel. Now, as the noob builds their farms or other food structures, they will have a heavy focus on restoring sanity, so they may even start to build drying racks here, which along with farms, are both very resource intensive and take a huge amount of time to build for what you get out of them. By the time they finish up their food structures, it’s likely around day 15-20 if they are quick.

Now, the pro, they either just came back from the ruins, or finished their exploration of the world. The ruins rusher will have way stronger gear, such as the thulecite crown that protects from 90% of damage, and has a 33% chance to summon an invincibility orb every time the player is hit while wearing it. They’ll also have a lot of gears, 15-30, a bunch of frazzled wires to give to the pig king, 30-60, gems, and a bunch of nightmare fuel. The player exploring will have gathered resources to build a decent base with a few crock pots, at least one ice box, a bird cage, and a fire pit, along with gathering other useful resources and knowing exactly where everything is on the surface map. The ruins rusher normally finishes the ruins by day 10, and will immediately start searching for the dragonfly desert to base in, and the pig king to turn in their frazzled wires for some gold. They’ll normally have an okay base set up by day 15-20, but not as good as the one exploring the world. The world explorer normally finishes the map by day 8, and gets to work on a base, this is often times in the oasis desert to avoid spontaneous combustion in summer, but I would recommend the dragonfly desert as it provides more resources such as tumbleweeds and you can head underground to completely avoid the downsides of summer.


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