In this guide, we go over the Guards system in Guns of Glory (GoG) and give you our best Tips for how to manage them. We explain how to unlock them, level them up, unlock their special skills and talents as well as how their specializations work and the best way to spend training points. We also go over the Appoint Guards system and cover why its so valuable! The Guard system was recently changed so this hopefully helps update your knowledge!

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🏷️ Chapters 🏷️

0:00 Guard System Guide
0:28 Recruiting Guards
1:35 Discharging Guards for Training Points
2:07 Recruitment TIPS
3:31 Leveling up Guards and Attributes
4:12 Unlocking Star Levels and Skills
5:52 Upgrading Skills with Training Points
6:55 Guards Special Stats
7:31 IMPORTANT: Appointing Guards
9:12 Guard Update Recap


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