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. These are the locations for all of Artyom’s suit upgrades, also including the night vision goggles. There are 13 upgrades including the night vision. There are more than one for most, if not all of the upgrades and can find them in latter chapters. These are the locations for the first chance you can get them. For the trophy, you can get any you missed through chapter select.

Volga Locations
0:03 Compass
0:29 Extended Filter
1:03 Ammo Pouches
1:30 *Key for Night Vision
1:50 Throwing Weapons Harness
2:15 Battery Charge Controller
4:13 Reinforcement Helmet
4:35 Metal Detector
5:06 Night Vision Goggles

Caspian Locations
5:46 Motion Scanner
6:48 Extra Bright Flashlight
7:07 Armored Glass
7:38 Consumables Carrier
8:16 NVD Amplifier

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