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4:40 Why are Neurodevelopmental disorders in the DSM-V?
8:12 How can I be seen as less vulnerable?
9:35 What is normal?
12:10 How to vet a therapist
16:22 Best job or career for borderline/bipolar with ADHD
19:15 Best therapy for relationships when you’re a guarded person
22.17 How do you get tested for ADHD and do you have to see a psychiatrist?
27:34 How to overcome self-sabotage
30:50 Does delusions in mania mean it’s bipolar 1?
33:42 Is extreme mania considered a different personality?
35:25 How to guide a family member to get mental help?
39:20 How to gain emotional intelligence on your own with self-discovery questions
41:48 Is ADD aggravated by mental illness such as depression or bipolar?
45:53 How to overcome procrastination and other problems when you can’t afford therapy and you’re too impatient for meditation
51:06 With bipolar, if I’m stable on medicine am I free of the illness?
58:52 Good dose of Mirapex for treatment resistant depression?
59:49 Why is anxiety disorder the most annoying disorder?
1:03:50 What is likely causing paranoid, conspiracy thoughts?
1:07:42 What are sustainable, non-medication ways to overcome depression and anxiety?
1:22:18 What to do about nightmare in PTSD?
1:25:34 How do I externalize my feelings instead of suppressing them?
1:30:10 How to handle a person who always plays the victim?
1:34:07 I have depression, but have short episodes of hypomania? Is this Bipolar?
1:37:33 How to control panic attacks?
1:45:08 How to stop overthinking and get off lorazepam
1:49:49 Can all my physical symptoms be worry?
1:50:15 Are people pleasers liars?
2:00:46 Tips for self-care in someone with anxiety
2:05:39 How to find balance with bipolar + borderline?
2:15:46 Any long-term negative effects of antidepressants?
2:20:31 Do you want until age 18 to diagnose a mental disorder?
2:22:40 Can antidepressants stop working?
2:26:00 Does having depression keep you from having a cluster C personality disorder?
2:28:53 What to do about sleep without relying on sleep pills?
2:34:51 Is self-harm behavior evidence of bipolar disorder or serious mental illness?
2:38:22 I’m scared to start this antidepressant – advice for starting
2:46:43 Can you be a little bit bipolar and not take medication?
2:51:00 How do you tell the difference between adult ADHD and codepency?
2:55:20 Do stimulants help concentration if you have bipolar disorder?
2:57:25 Explain about Narcissistic personality disorder
3:00:04 How do I feel better with depression when nothing works?
3:06:00 How to learn the different kinds of therapy

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