This Video is my second guide to getting started in Jurassic World Evolution – featuring 15 More detailed and slightly more Advanced Tips.

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Jurassic World Evolution is not the type of game that is particularly challenging but there is definitely a few things that players can learn to do that will make life a little bit easier when building their next Dino theme park. In addition to my first video, this guide aims to give an additional 15 extra tips and tricks that will hopefully help you folks accomplish this.

This is Part 2 of a Two Part series on Jurassic World Evolution. I wanted to do one big tutorial however, soon realized this would be too lengthy and annoying to watch. The solution was to make two individual, more contained guides. As stated above, this second video is aimed at players who have already had the game for a while and are already a few hours in. If you are just starting out or have not picked up the game up yet, then my first video maybe a little more useful to you. It can be found here:

Nothing in this list is particularly revolutionary in terms of changing how the game plays, but hopefully there will be something of use to you in here somewhere. If each person can leave the video having learned one new snippet, then that I’ll be happy. As stated early on, this video is ultimately aimed at players who are either just picking up the game or are planning to do so soon. If you don’t find anything helpful, try to remember that others are still likely to.

I try to keep my guides as short and contained as possible, so I tend to talk a lot quicker than normal. I apologize if my advice delivery is a little fast! I also apologize for those that find it difficult to keep up with the Scottish accent. This is not completely intentional though I am speaking a little quicker on purpose. I do this in order to provide you guys with the maximum amount of help, in the little time that I have. I’m always of the mind that a shorter video is better when trying to teach you guys stuff.

If any of you looking for a tl;dr version of the video, here are the time stamps. I have also added a quick summary list at the very end of the video:

1. Sub Hatching – airlock your more advanced pens: 0:33
2. Double Layer Walls – pad your enclosures when necessary: 1:22
3. Add More Gates – allow your rangers to path smoother: 2:08
4. The Management View – use this to easily detect demand: 2:50
5. Carnivore Priority – build these first for a quick rating bump: 3:29
6. Make Your Dinos Fight – dino ratings transfer and stack: 4:25
7. Emergency Shelters – open these before storms arrive: 5:16
8. Sedate Carnivores – before storms begin: 6:04
9. Money Generator Buildings – invest in these for free money: 6:51
10. Replace Feeders Together – replace these in batches: 7:38
11. Medicine Research – do this early and save problems later: 8:30
12. Terrain Enclosures – use the environment to build: 9:08
13. Manage Staff – increase employees as the park grows: 9:42
14. Viewing Platforms – plan enclosures with guest visibility in mind: 10:20
15. Sell Leftover Dinos – lose any annoying dinos left over from missions: 11:03

Jurassic World Evolution has been out for a few weeks now and having played it a fair bunch, these are some extra tips that I would mention to new players. Be sure to check out my other video for 15 beginner tips. Link above.

Anyways, I hope this Guide was even just a little bit useful for you guys. Make sure to share your own tips if you feel like there’s anything I’ve missed in my two videos. Hit us up and let us know down in the comments below.

Cheers folks and thanks for watching!

Jack, aka MrW01fasaurusRex
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