Hey, hey! Do you want to start wearing makeup ASAP but don’t have a tonne of money to spend? Do you think that starting to wear makeup is difficult and keep putting it off? Well, this video is for you! And if you don’t relate to these questions, well, this video is still for you, hehe.
This video explains what I think are the basics that you need to change up your look this year and the best part? They don’t cost an arm or a leg!
Hope you enjoy this video and are inspired to get up and finally start wearing makeup.
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Products that appear or are mentioned in this video:
1. Foundation: Black Opal cream stick foundation
Black Opal true match liquid foundation
2. Concealer: LA girl pro concealers
3. Powder: Black Opal Deluxe finishing powder
4. Davis eyebrow pencil n.o 003 for filling in the brows
5. Davis eye pencil n.o 001
6. Mascara: LA Girl Dramatilash mascara
Maybelline Volum’ express mascara
7. Eye shadow: City color Naked eye shadow palette
Most of these products have been bought in Kenyan beauty stores including KENS pharmacy, Beauty Options and Super Cosmetics and online Kenyan stores like Makeup Addiction KE.

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