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Even though the best way to improve is by learning a better method (links below), some people just want to get a bit faster without going too deep into speedcubing knowledge.
In that case, this video will be just right for you!

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Cheap Magnetic Cube ►
Cube in the video ► QiYi Valk 3:
My Main Cube ► MoYu WeiLong GTS2M:
(with MF3RS2 springs)

Beginner Method: Layer By Layer (LBL)
Advanced Method: CFOP

CFOP 3×3 Tutorials:
F2L Tutorial ►
Beginner OLL ►
Beginner PLL ►
Cross Tips ►

2×2 Tutorial ►
3×3 Tutorial ►
4×4 Tutorial ►
5×5 Tutorial ►

Special Tutorials:
3×3 One Handed ►
3×3 Blindfolded ►

Advanced Tutorials:
2×2 ►
3×3 ►
4×4 ►
5×5+ ►

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