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One of the first Secrets I learned when I started coaching was how much of an edge could be gained before the match even got started. It became obvious to me that for the best players in Bowls their match had begun a long time before their first delivery.
They came ready to play and wanted to destroy their opponent or opposition as soon as they could. Most bowlers want to settle into their match mentally and tactically during the first few ends a lot of times they could get away with it because their opponent was doing it too. Do you approach your matches the same way? Being down by 5 to 8 shots, with no rhythm, no plan, no continuity, is a great a disadvantage. Start Your Match Before It Begins What I discovered by looking, listening, and asking the best players was simple They had knowledge and understanding.
The guys Consistently Winning, The smart ones were consciously and subconsciously reviewing information about their opponent ahead of them as soon as they knew who that player was. The process began hours before the match. The smart players wanted to seek and seize advantage as early as possible. And they wanted to do it in as many ways as possible. For them, one of the big opportunies was good mental preparation. And that meansearly mental preparation was Key.
When Does Your Warm-up Begin? Let me tell you when the warm-up doesn’t begin. It doesn’t begin when you arrive on the rink or Mat for short mat bowlers. It may for your opponent, but it shouldn’t for you. A smart player starts to prepare for the match on the way to the match, or even before, They take Advantage. The warm-up should continue on into the changing room and out onto the rink or Mat for short mat bowlers. The warm-up begins with your brain. Your mind is usually the last part of you to get activated (if it gets activated at all). They barely warm up the body, but that’s more attention than they give to their mental preparation.
The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and most bowlers waste it all the time. Get into the habit of evaluating your opponent and thinking about the match before you arrive at the venue. If you drive to the match your car is the place where your warm-up begins. If you walk to the club or venue then the pavement is where it happens. No matter what, your warm-up starts on the way to the game. For many top players it can begin even earlier than that. The night before a big match can be used to visualize winning shots, It’s almost like watching a videotape of segments of a match. In the morning you can continue the tape on from where you left it playing in your mind, start with confidence and focus on the mat.
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