A.k.a, how to ZAP and THOOM at things.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Ze Beginning
0:20 – What Is Ze PAC?
0:48 – PAC Pros
7:23 – PAC Cons
13:42 – Tubes and Terminators
16:19 – Melee Lens
19:23 – Short Range Lens
21:11 – Scatter Lens
23:14 – Vertical Lens
25:31 – Long-Range Lens
27:46 – Damage Types
33:35 – Damage and Accuracy Settings
37:05 – PAC Turret Building Demo!
44:15 – The Important Note of Anti-Submarine Warfare

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Outro Music: : Different Heaven: OMG:

Other music used:
Andrew Langdon – Loop-Caught
Andrew Langdon – The Beaten Path
Bad Snacks – In the Atmosphere
Density & Time – Day One
Diamond Ortiz – Ubiquitous
Dyalla – Ocean View
ELPHNT – Unrest
Jeremy Blake – Pixelated Autumn Leaves

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I had nothing to do with the development of this game. All rights to From the Depths belong to Brilliant Skies Limited. Please do not upload this video elsewhere without my permission.
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