This quick tutorial shows you how to survive in Banished, a simulation game on Steam. The tips and tricks are super easy, and they can keep you from losing to starvation or disaster in the first few years.

Learn how to not die, how to get food quickly and efficiently (0:09), which buildings you should wait to build (2:02), which building to build right away (2:18), which luxury buildings to build (2:33), why the trading post is the best thing since sliced bread (3:22), and how to prepare for and fix disasters (4:27).

Extra tip not included: Population increases because of the number of houses. If your population’s too high (or your food’s going down too quickly), stop building houses. If you want more people, build more houses.

Extra Extra Tip: Having a 7×7 farm run by a single person is also a good way to get food.

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