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EASY-TO-FOLLOW ADVICE on how to grow a quality beard. We cover all the steps you’ll need from unhealthy products to avoid, best methods for growing a beard and how to maintain it once it’s grown in.

00:00 Growing a Beard Is Tricky
Unfortunately, growing a nice, full beard that isn’t patchy or unkempt can be quite difficult and take some time. However, with this advice, we offer all the tips and tricks you’ll need to grow the perfect thick beard. For more information on how to grow a beard, check out our blog post How to Grow a Beard in Five Steps:

00:41 Beard Growth Rate Is Based on Genetics
Every guy has different genes which means every guy’s hair grows differently. Whether it’s on the head, face or body, everyone is different so don’t be annoyed when you see celebrities, colleagues or friends grow a mustache or beard in just a few days. Plus, just because your beard starts out patchy, doesn’t mean it won’t grow nice and thick in time. Patience is key! For more information on how long it takes to grow a beard, read our blog How Long Does It Take to Grow a Beard?:

01:16 Beard Growth Products Don’t Usually Work
Most guys try to take the easy route and use some fancy product which is supposed to make your beard grow super fast and super lucious. But gents, don’t waste your time and money. These products almost never work, so remember, be patient! However, if you’d like to use a beard care product, check out our blog post on the different kinds and how they work, Beard Care Products – What Do They Do?:

01:28 Give It a Bigger Purpose
If you’re unsure about growing a beard, become a part of something much larger and make it about something more than just your looks. No-Shave November is a great way to participate, donate and help those in need.

02:06 Beard Growth Supplements Are a No-Go As Well
Beard growth supplement companies purposefully target those with lower beard growth rates and want you to purchase their product based on your insecurities. However, as we mentioned before, patience is your only friend when it comes to growing a beard. But if you are struggling with growing a beard, try keeping your testosterone and DHT levels high by boosting your diet and exercising regularly.

02:45 Stop Shaving!
This one might come as a no-brainer, but many guys think shaving causes your beard to grow faster and thicker, but that’s not entirely true. Once you decide to grow a beard, stop shaving that day, and the only time you should is for general maintenance and shaving off neck hairs. Shaving neck hair makes your beard look thicker and gives you a more presentable look. As a good rule of thumb, don’t shave above the Adam’s apple.

03:32 Keep Your Skin Healthy and Fresh
Just because your face is now covered with a thick, luscious beard doesn’t mean you should give up on your regular skin care routine. If you stop taking care of your skin, you’re likely to experience beard dandruff and beard acne which nobody wants. Ensure you continue with your daily face wash and hydrating moisturizer, as well as exfoliating twice a week. For more information on taking care of the skin underneath your beard, read our blog Skin Care for the Bearded:

04:54 Keep Your Beard as Clean and Soft as Possible
Nobody wants a shaggy, unkempt beard that’s all over the place. To maintain your beard and keep it soft and luscious, use a quality beard oil whenever necessary, beard shampoo once a week and beard conditioner three times a week. It sounds like a lot, but if you shampoo and condition while you’re in the shower and apply the beard oil afterwards, it takes no time at all.
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