Many people for are suffering from lichen planus, psoriasis, eczema , lupus and many other autoimmune diseases and occurrences that have caused dark spots and hyperpigmentation, have constantly been asking me what do i do to cover up dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Especially since the summer is coming around and a lot of people would like to have their arms and legs out without having to cover up in extreme heat. I personally don’t do anything about it and i just let it be until it heals and goes back to it normal color but i do understand that a lot of people still aren’t as comfortable as i am. So i’ve come up with a clever idea that can be used to cover up dark spots wether they were caused from inflammation, acne, surgery or any other circumstance and the best part is ITS WATERPROOF and DOES NOT RUB OFF!! hopefully this video is able to help a lot of you all suffering from dark spots and hyper pigmentation feel more comfortable in your skin until you fully heal !

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The Product
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Light Glow
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Medium Glow

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