On today’s episode, I’m sharing healthy barbecue tips for beginners. Yes, is there any better smell that the scent of meat and vegetables grilling on the BBQ?
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And better yet, when done right, barbecuing can actually be a quick and easy way to cook healthy food in bulk and make it taste delicious.

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Here are 6 healthy barbecue tops for beginners to use the grill to make all kinds of flavorful food gains, without sugary and fattening sauces.

1. By grilling the meat, the calorie content is reduced because:
A good percentage of the fat actually drips off. You don’t need to use high calorie cooking oils or butter to grease the pan. You don’t have to add high calorie sauces and condiments since grilling on the BBQ accentuates the flavor of the meat.

2. Grilled vegetables taste amazing, so you eat more vegetables:
Grilling vegetables adds a whole new definition to the term flavor. The grill gives them a juicy and crispy texture that turns “nature’s food” into a delicious treat. Grill up some sweet potato, butternut squash, zucchini, and egg plant to get a healthy complex carbohydrate with your meal

3. When you BBQ, 99% of the time the protein source is always the main food: By now you know protein, along with vegetable, should always be the main ingredient on your plate. BBQing ensures you always get a healthy serving of muscle building protein. Try BBQing: Steak, Fish, Shrimp, Chicken, Venison, Buffalo and Lean Ground Beef Burgers.

4. Use Low Sodium Herbs and Healthy (Low Sugar) Marinades (if needed): When adding herbs to meat, press the herbs into the meat with a fork and then place it directly on the heated grill. A simple dash of herbs adds amazing flavor. For veggies, brush veggies with a light amount of olive oil or spray and then add herbs. Basil, parsley, oregano, rosemary, tarragon, and thyme add incredible flavor. Stick to homemade marinades to add even more flavor to your meats and vegetables. Stay away from packaged marinades that are high in sugar, fat, and loaded with preservatives and chemicals. Marinade the food in a zip lock bag for a few hours in the FRIDGE. Don’t leave them to marinade on your counter.

5. Grilling to Perfection:
One way to grill your veggies is by wrapping them in tin foil and placing directly on the grill. This creates a tender and juicy veggie as it locks in the heat. For a crispy effect, place the veggies directly on the grill or on a skewer, and remember to turn frequently. Veggies usually take about 5-6 minutes. Asparagus, Egg Plant, Potatoes, Squash, and Zucchini can take longer (10-15 minutes). Keep a close eye on them to ensure you don’t burn your vegetables.

Here are a few standard times for cooking your meat (times vary depending on size of meat and barbecue – flip half way through):
Burgers (ground beef or buffalo): 10-16 minutes
Chicken Breast: 8-12 minutes total
Fish: 4-6 minutes (once fish becomes flakey)
Shrimp: 5-7 minutes
Steak: 8-14 minutes total (medium rare)

6. Always stay close by the grill to avoid burning food:
This should go without saying, but burning food can actually decrease the nutritional value of the food and it some cases can harm the body.

Put your BBQ to use to help you reach your fitness goals.


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