Unless your business has health and safety documents in several languages you could be at risk
Health and Safety Executives have warned UK companies of the need to ensure that migrant workers fully understand and comply with all health and safety requirements. We take a brief look at this issue and what will be required.
Recent legislation and new Health and Safety policies have reinforced the need for employers to make sure that migrant workers fully comprehend company policies and procedures, regardless of whether they speak English or not.
Employers will have to ensure that all written documentation is presented in other languages as well as English. Failure to do so could lead to company executives being liable for any accident that occurred due to a migrant worker’s inability to comprehend procedure.

A spokesperson for London Translations recently said,
“Our experience is that most company Directors are very keen to comply with legislation and keep their employees safe but are concerned about the additional costs. The good news is that most of the documentation which requires translation to be in compliance is brief and relatively straightforward and hence inexpensive to translate”

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