In the UK, any new driver will be tested for their Hazard Perception as part of their driving Theory Test. Hazard Perception, or the ability to identify hazards, is an essential skill when driving as we will have to react to hazards almost every time we drive. In this video, we will help you spot hazards in real life, and understand the difference between a potential hazard and a developing hazard – as this will help you pass your Theory Test, and be a safer driver on the road. 

Video chapters:
* 0:00 Introduction
* 1:01 How to spot hazards
* 1:40 Hazard Perception on the Theory Test
* 2:18 Potential and developing hazards
* 3:32 Hazard Perception Practice
* 9:29 Summary

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Car: 2018 Ford Fiesta ST
Camera: GoPro Hero 6 (x2) & 5 (x2)
Computer: Apple Mac Mini
Software: Final Cut Pro X
Music: Lowrider by Joakim Karud
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