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Get ready for the next stage of this MMO Strategy war with Guns of Glory! GoG’s thrilling multiplayer and RTS gameplay allow you to build your own powerful army and team up with friends from around the globe to shoot down enemies. Take your guns and your airship, prepare your strategy and army for battle, fight against the enemy and improve your castle!

In this guide, we give you a complete Beginners and New Players guide to Guns of Glory in-depth gameplay. We go over the basics of the games many different aspects, such as army, guards, city, alliances and events. We also provide you with some very important tips on how to get started and grow your power quickly and efficiently in order to get the most fun out of the game!

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🏷️ Chapters 🏷️
00:00 What is Guns of Glory!
1:16 Army Units and Airship
2:01 Catacombs and Ressources
2:34 Alliances
3:00 Open World Content
3:59 Threats, Gathering and War
5:21 Guards and their Specialties
7:03 TIP: Appointing Guards
8:22 VIP System + Free Building Speedup
9:42 Lord: Talents and Equipment
11:02 Upgrading the Castle
11:29 Spirit Mines (High Priority!)
12:59 Quests
14:00 3 Year Celebration + Events
15:29 Welfare Center Shop
16:18 City Overview
17:03 Recap


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