The Forward Bay Parking manoeuvre is one of the manoeuvre’s you may be asked to complete on your practical UK driving test. As a driver you will likely be using car parks regularly so this is a key skill to learn.

For this Tutorial Instructor Francis has learner Marcus in the car to demonstrate parking tips during his lesson. They look at parking clutch control, parking technique and key forward bay parking reference points.

00:00 – Intro
00:17 – Clutch control
01:25 – how to use feathering the clutch technique
02:33 – Forward bay parking diagram
03:07 – Forward bay parking reference points
05:18 – Forward bay parking real life examples
07:32 – Tip for bay parking in driving test
09:04 – How to reverse out of a bay
09:10 – P O M driving tip
10:15 – Outro

Hope that Driving Tutorial helps, comment below if you have any questions about this particular video or forward bay parking in general.

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