Cuba’s former leader Fidel Castro has denied rumours of his imminent death by writing a letter condemning what he calls the lies told by the international media that he was in a near-vegetative state.

As well as posting the letter Mr Castro published the photos of himself, sporting a cowboy hat and red-checked shirt. In the letter he wrote Mr Castro claimed that he didn’t even know what a headache was.

Elias Juana, the former Vice President of Venezuela, met with Castro over the weekend and dismissed reports of the Cuban’s failing health.

“Very well. We were having a working visit – working on some cooperation agreements with the outgoing Minister of Agriculture – and Comandante Fidel was kind enough to receive us yesterday. We were there for five hours talking about agriculture, history, international policy. He’s good, Fidel Castro is doing very well.”

Castro, who ruled the country for 47 years after successfully toppling Fulgencio Batista in the Cuban revolution, has not been seen publicly since his meeting with Pope Benedict XVI in March.

Written and Presented by Alfred Joyner

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