Dennis Taylor tells us what the single most important aspect of snooker is. All the professional players do this, so you should to!

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Season 1 Episode 14

Full Episode Description
Tune in to hear the legendary Dennis Taylor talk about his passion for snooker. Dennis chats to host Rob Reed about snooker in the 60s right up to the present day. Hear how he got his start in Ireland at age 9. Listen as he tells the tale of working 12 hour days to then go and practice snooker for hours into the evening. And look out for the exciting tale of how in 1974 he quit his job and with £270 in the bank and two small children in tow, he paid his way and flew to Canada to end up beating snooker legend Alex Higgins!

Dennis gives his insight into the modern game and compares it to snooker back in the day. He also has quite a lot to say on the best players of our time and how he sees the connection between the change in snooker equipment with the change in how the modern game is played.

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Published 12 February 2019

About the host
Rob Reed is a World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) World Snooker accredited snooker coach, the founder of RR Cue Cases and CueZone. He trained as a rotary pilot in the British Army before turning his passion for snooker into a new entrepreneurial journey.

About the guest
Dennis Taylor is a retired professional snooker player and currently commentates on snooker for the BBC. Dennis has won many tournaments over the years and is probably best known for winning the 1985 World Championship where he beat the World number one, Steve Davis is an exciting final. Dennis is also well known for designing his trademark Dennis Taylor snooker specs, glasses designed especially for snooker players.

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