हमेशा काम आने वाली 6 Special Excel Worksheet Tips and tricks to make you smart –
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in this video i will share 6 important and most useful excel sheet tips to do smart work in excel like experts.

Excel Trick 1 : How to protect Microsoft excel workbook so that nobody can insert, delete, rename, hide, unhide excel sheets. this is very usefull when yor are sharing your excel workbook with anyone.

Excel Trick 2 :how to create a duplicate copy of a worksheet with excel shortcut key

Excel Trick 3 :how to view multiple sheets on screen at once

Excel Trick 4 :how we can apply same formatting in multiple excel worksheets.

Excel Trick 5 : set default font size, font style, and number of sheets for new excel workbooks

Excel Trick 6 : navigate in large number of worksheets

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Hope you will like the video. Thanks For Watching Friends…. Have A Nice Day…
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