Hi, I’m Richard the Manager of the Melbourne Driving School. I’d like to welcome you to the Melbourne Driving School series of videos in relation to learning to drive, passing your driving test, and getting your Victorian Drivers Licence. This video will guide you on how to pass your HPT or Hazard Perception Test.
This is a computer based test which you must pass before you can sit your Practical Drive Test.
It has 28 scenarios and you have 45 minutes to complete the test. So just relax as you have plenty of time. In fact most learners finish within 30 minutes easily.
Now here’s my Melbourne Driving School 7 point plan:
1. Attempt all 4 practice items at the start of the test, and if you get any of these wrong, repeat all 4
2. Read carefully and understand the instructions on the screen, so that you know exactly what is required from you per the scenario
3. Check your speed on the digital speedo on the monitor. This is relevant to how quickly, or leisurely you may need to react to the potential hazard.
4. Assess what the hazard is, and when in reality you should react
5. Don’t panic and react before the hazard eventuates, however at the same time don’t wait until you almost crash before you react.
6. Let me break it down for you. Find the potential hazard, check your current speed, assess the situation and then decide if and when you need to react in reality. Try and imagine that you were actually driving on the road.
7. Lastly, and most importantly, here’s a little insider secret that Vicroads don’t spell out to clearly:
There are some scenarios that NO REACTION is required. Yes, you may come across 3 or 4 that you don’t do anything. So just let the scene finish without hitting your mouse button at all.
There is some additional and helpful information on our website, which includes the “Secrets to passing your driving test” on so check that out and feel free to contact us at anytime 0414 771 101, we are available 7 days a week.

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