Follow along to see my first attempt at burning stainless steel exhaust tips! Burnt Exhaust tips can be found online but I decided to do it myself on a test pipe that I had laying around.

The first step is to clean and polish your metal as best you can, the better you clean and polish your metal, the better finish you will have. Burning exhaust tips can be a delicate job sometimes because if you the heat up the metal too much, you can end up with less than perfect finished product.

I did this experiment on a small set of JDM blast pipes that I welded a couple weeks ago, and seeing as these blast pipes were a tester piece, I wasn’t worried about ruining the finish.

I got my hand-held torch from Lowes, it was around $50 but totally worth the expense.

I didn’t get perfect results, but I’m hoping that you can use this video as an example to try this yourself at home. This was my first attempt at burning exhaust tips but if you stick around, I’ll be uploading a new video with better results in the near future.

There’s always something to learn when you try something new, so get out there and give it your best shot!

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