This video covers your character as you just enter the Conan Exiles world. It is a short guide for new players in 2020, covering what happens first, where to go, and what you should do at the start.
Timeline of Events
Starting Out 00:18
Click Monolif 00:40
Pick Up Water and Letter 00:52
XP, Health, Stamina, Thirst, Health, Weight, Temp Bars 01:13
Climbing 03:41
Gathering Rocks 03:53
Shelter 04:10
Gathering Plants, bugs (Food?), seeds 04:29
Sad player 05:33
Crafting First Items 05:50
Crafted Item Auto-Equips 06:36
Equiping and Un-Equiping Items in Hands (Stance) 07:21
Cutting Down Trees for Wood and Branches 07:35
**IMPORTANT** Spawn Point – Make a Bed Roll and Placing it 08:00
Making Twine 08:26
Setting the Spawn Point, Placing Spawn Point, and Navigation Menu of Spawn Point 09:09

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