Tim Burton’s Batman has always been one of my favorites! I love the music and the characters. (Yes I am aware Tim Burton didn’t create Batman. If you want me to go all history lesson mode on you, Bob Kane created Catwoman, and Frank Miller was the one that made Batman dark (The Dark Knight Returns), which Tim Burton used as inspiration for his movie.

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I wanted to recreate Catwoman’s look. This look can work with other costumes too, like sexy cop, pirate, etc. Please enjoy this tutorial!

fyi, Batman is my all time favorite comic book character. I remember coming home from school just to catch him on the cartoon series Batman on WB and Toonami. Sigh…those were the days…

I know in the movie, Catwoman’s eyes were blue, but I wanted her eyes to be green. It looks more cat like in my opinion. Either way, brown eyes will still look gorgeous with this look =)

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FF8 Ending
Danny Elfman Catwoman

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